Lateral Thinking

Lateral thinking has become an important instrument in the education sector to kindle student's thought process and make them thought leaders.

Lateral thinking is an excellent wholesome system of finding the right answers to problems or situations looking at them from all the angles equally well and also involving people or teams to obtain the best synergies out of them. When more people come together, invariably, they may have conflicting views but lateral thinking approach, if followed correctly, takes all of them and their various views together without allowing any conflict to take place.become a thing of the past. Thinking becomes more thorough.  It provides a framework to help people think clearly and thoroughly by directing their thinking attention in one direction at a time. This focuses on enhancing the structure of thinking so that group decision making and idea evaluation can be dramatically improved.

Adversarial positions normally taken by the participants in a group set-up get dissipated through the unique process of deliberations and discussions that is adopted in six thinking hats or parallel thinking. It is never easy to change the personalities of people quickly and completely. Lateral thinking is a powerful way of making your and others' thinking behavior more productive, constructive and effective with your and others' existing personalities. It can be used in a group and even one  alone can also use it with equally good advantage. It is a powerful tool that facilitates productive: critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. It enables each person's unique point of view to be included and considered. Argument and endless discussion


  • At any moment, everyone should think in the same direction

  • In other words, apply parallel thinking instead of adversarial thinking

  • All members of the group need to be parallel in their thinking process and need to wear every different thinking         hat



    Improves exploration

    Conduct a richer, more balanced exploration of any subject

    Improves creativity and innovation

    Saves time

    Think in a creative manner

    Listen to other's views to gain a deeper understanding of issues

    Solve problems

    Fosters collaborative behavior

    Streamline the development of ideas

    Reduces adversarial approach in all interactions

    Find new ways of working

    more co-operative

    Convert difficult problems into definite opportunities

    Objectively guide group discussions

    Tap the hidden talents and skills to find solutions to problems

    One learns to think in parallel with other team members

    Using and adapting unconventional thinking techniques

    reduce conflict

    Enable a creative, positive culture

    Keeps egos and turf protection in check

    Improve research and writing skills

    create happier, healthier teams

    Present ideas with more confidence

    Evaluate alternatives constructively

    Make well thought through choices

    Lead and conduct more effective and productive meetings

    Think thoughtfully before speaking

    Help increase number of ideas and new vistas