Spoken English

English as everyone knows is a skill that can catapult you to greater success in every sphere of life. Schools and colleges deal with English as a subject. Veta equips you with the skill of English & communication that will launch you into a brilliant life of exciting opportunities. 

Spoken English learning in non-English speaking countries like India has almost become a buzzword  among budding and aspiring talents. It has somewhat become a pillar of one's professional success.  Thanks the advent of technological era. Hence, spoken English / communicative English is used as  a platform for developing one's career. No doubt, the language of a person differentiates him from an animal. English is of paramount importance as it is useful in every walks of life. The language that one  masters decides one's personality as well.

There are many factors which prevent Indian students form speaking English proficiently. Firstly, many of the English language teachers in India are reluctant to change their teaching strategies, that is, they mainly follow the lecture method which has been proved fruitless by many studies  across the countries. Secondly, While teaching English language, teachers are becoming active  player eating away the major chunk of students' time. As a consequence, students are becoming  passive ending up as mere spectators. Thirdly, teachers are using very little audio-visual and other teaching aids in a language class room. Fourthly, students / learners are given very little time to  interact or to apply what they learn in a class. Possibly, teachers are ill-equipped to teach strenuous  English language components breaking up it into easily digestible units.