For many children (and even adults) handwriting has only two categories – good or bad. And it must be surprising to know that “good and bad” handwriting does not exist. What exists is “legible and illegible” handwriting.

Handwriting is important to children because good handwriting brings them more marks. Meaning, a child who writes legibly and his/her answers could be read easily by the teacher will score more marks than the student who’s writing is lesser legible than the former irrespective of the answer being correct.

This is the mind-set with which most parents are and insist on their child learning cursive handwriting to improve their style. However, what is important for the child is to get the right formation of letters which would be of their use all throughout than the style of the writing which invariably would change with the age

We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the successful institutions to offer Handwriting Improvement programs for students of any age. We have the unique "Money Back Gurantee" policy that no other training centers can offer. Our method is scientific, Pschycological & simple to learn. As of now in our center at R.S.Puram, we have trained more than 1500 students from different schools across the city. Also we have trained many college students, Police officers, lawyers and senior citizens. We have given handwriting training support for the teachers of Yuva Bharthi Public school and trained plus students of Shree Nehru Vidyalaya and Sowdeswari Vidyalaya who had the most illegible handwritings. .
Course Duration :

  • Improvement Module: 14 hours
           (2 hours per sitting in a span of 7 days)

           Practice Module: 14 hours
           (Can be done by the student himself on his own pace but we will evaluate his/her book   once in 3 days.)


  • Will improve your speed gradually with legible handwriting. Course Duration : Speed Module : 15 hours


  • Add style to your handwriting. Course Duration : Calligraphy with project work : 15 hours